Watermark Jewellery


Celtic knotwork in Croick Churchyard

As you can see from this blog, I’ve always had a fascination with archaeology, history and textiles. Since I’ve been volunteering at Stonehenge, interpreting Neolithic history with visitors, I’ve become particularly interested in cords, ropes and braids. Knotting, weaving and braiding are very ancient techniques and probably predate agriculture in items like ropes, cords, baskets, plaits and strings; both for decorative use and as practical materials. Knots and weaves also seem to have had cultural significance for a long time, as evidenced by the carvings of intricate knots and weaves in Celtic and Viking cultures.

I have been knotting jewellery from nylon cords for a while now, and as the house is likely to fill with these before long, I thought I had better sell some! So welcome to my shop; Watermark Jewellery. My online sales are all handled through my shop on the Etsy website to avoid complications of setting up e-commerce, so if you would like to see the full range currently available for sale, simply follow this link. There you can see the range of jewellery I have available at any one time; the ranges change as I experiment with new techniques, materials and designs. I also go to craft fairs on occasions, and I’ll post the ones I’m going to on the main page of this blog beforehand.

snake knot closeup

Snake knot detail

Every piece is unique and hand made, and starts with something that inspires me; an ammonite, a glass pendant, mineral beads, metal beads or interesting fastenings, for example. Then I design the pieces around those inspirations, and choose the cord colours to knot. I always work with nylon cords as they hold knots well, come in a fabulous range of permanent colours and are very soft and comfortable to wear. The styles of knots I use are gradually expanding, but I do love the snake knot as a basic cording knot. It has a beautiful texture, and looks lovely in contrasting colours. The picture to the right shows the structure of this knot. In honour of the knot the first range of jewellery I created is called “Snakecharmer”, as the pieces have snake cords and glass charms incorporated into their designs. The pictures below show some examples of these pieces – the full range can be seen in my Etsy shop.


The latest range is “Stargazer” inspired by the planets of the solar system. They incorporate beautiful pewter Celtic scrollwork beads, hand made by Celtic Beads in Wales, and gorgeous mineral beads from Charming Beads.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES   Venus Etsy   Neptune Etsy   Uranus Etsy

Please feel free to leave any comments, queries or commission enquires on this page and I’ll get back to you.


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