Life is what you make it

hot duckWell, there’s nothing like starting a new blog with an old cliché. But it is true. I’m making a serious start on my second book, following my debut novel  Watermark , and today has been a research day. I’ve really enjoyed it, but here are 2 ways of looking at it.

SO, it started out wet and grey. I went to the Roman Baths in Bath (U.K.) and it was very busy and difficult to take any time to look at the exhibits sometimes. When parking in the car park I dropped the little token and it rolled underneath the runners of the driver’s seat and I couldn’t get it out! The sun only came out at tea time, and then only for about an hour.

OR, the car park attendant was really helpful and the lost token was no problem really. It’s great to see so many people getting so much out of a visit to the Roman Baths, and the mix of languages you hear is marvellous. The duck in this picture had found a lovely warm spot right by the hot water inlet from the spring to the Great Bath, and was dozing happily. The sun came out at exactly the right time and I had a lovely meal on the terrace of the hotel I’m staying in.

I know which version I prefer, and that’s the one I’ve chosen. I had a great day!